Newbies Play Choker!!! – “It’s Over For You”

Newbies Sean and Anita play Choker for the first time.

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Beta Testing For Browser Is Now Live!

We’re pleased to announce that a beta browser version of the game is now ready to be tested!

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Hikaru V Tania, Quiz, Plus Portuguese Translation Now Available!

It’s been a busy week for Choker! Hikaru V Tania, Plus Portuguese is now supported.

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Hikaru & Tania Behind The Scenes – Part 2

New Video Alert! We have exclusive behind the scenes footage of Hikaru Nakamura & Tania Sachdev.

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We want you to share your game clips! #ChokerReplay

We’re encouraging our players to share their matches, victories and losses online using the hashtag, #ChokerReplay

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