WIN! 5 Decks of Choker Cards & Caps to be won!

We’re giving away FIVE Choker bundles!!!
Have you ever wished you could play Choker in real life? Well, now you can! We’re giving five lucky winners an exclusive Choker bundle featuring a real deck of Choker cards and a Choker branded cap.

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Two TOTAL BEGINNERS played Choker. And this is what happened…

We asked two total beginners to play Choker. Do you think they played well? What would you have done differently?

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Winning Choker: A Piece Of Advice

The Queen offers tips on the best placement for your pieces.

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Epic Choker Moments – Featuring Hikaru Nakamura, Eric Rosen, Alexandra Botez, Raffael Chess & More!

Choker offers thrilling moments thanks to the unexpected nature of the game.

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Choker Cup Brazil 2021 – Final

The Choker Cup Brail Final Is Now Available To Watch!

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