Challengers Choker Cup

The Choker Cup Grand Final – 9 July 2020



THU 9 July – 4PM New York, 9PM London, 10PM Berlin, 11PM Moscow, 01.30 New  Dehli


7 May – 9 July 2020

Over 8 weeks, eight of the world’s most well-known chess and poker players will compete at Choker for the right to challenge 5-times US Chess Champion, Hikaru Nakamura and be crowned Choker champion. Will poker players beat chess players? Will International Masters beat Grandmasters? Will the ladies beat the men? Will an unknown player win through and beat them all? In heart-thumping, fast paced Choker, everything and anything is possible.

WANT TO PLAY? Choker is a fun, free-to-play app available on the Apple App and Google Play stores.  No real money betting is involved. Play the AI, play your friends and play Choker players from around the world. Have fun and download the app!

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All Matches LIVE EVERY THURSDAY 7 MAY – 9 JULY, NYC 1600 hrs, LON 2100 hrs, EUR 2200 hrs, IST 0230 hrs Live on chess24


R1 Match 1, Thu 7 May, Eric Rosen (USA)     3 – 0     Simon Williams (UK), WATCH HIGHLIGHTS

R1 Match 2, Thu 14 May, Anna Rudolf  (Hun)   0 – 3   Raffael ‘Chess’ Santos (Bra), WATCH HIGHLIGHTS 

R1 Match 3, Thu 21 May, Bill Perkins (USA)   3 – 2   Matt Staples (Can), WATCH HIGHLIGHTS

R1 Match 4,Thu 28 May, Alexandra Botez (Can)   3 – 0   Wild Card (TBA), WATCH HIGHLIGHTS.


Challenger Semi, Thu 4 June, Eric Rosen (USA)    3 – 0    Raffael ‘Chess’ Santos (Bra), WATCH HIGHLIGHTS

Challenger Semi, Thu 11 June, Bill Perkins (USA)    0 – 3    Alexandra Botez (Can), WATCH HIGHLIGHTS 


Challenger Final, Thu 18 June, Eric Rosen   3 – 2   A Botez, Watch Highlights 4pm EDT, 10pm CEST


Grand Final, Thu 9 July, Hikaru Nakamura (USA) V   Eric Rosen (USA), LIVE-STREAM on chess24 4pm EST, 10pm CEST

The Man to Beat

Hikaru Nakamura, USA

8 players must compete for the right to challenge Hikaru Nakamura and lift the trophy. Hikaru exhibits the perfect mix of gaming skills to excel at Choker and on paper is the strongest player in the field. Hikaru is a 5 times US Chess Champion, a Chess Olympiad Gold Medallist, World No 1 ranked Blitz player (FIDE Blitz Rankings, April 2020), and a WSOP player too. His credentials would intimidate anyone.

Without doubt he is a formidable player to take on at Choker. He has never been beaten in a Choker match to date and his aggressive Choker betting style compliments his explosive chess. If the Challenger beats Hikaru – and there is always a chance in Choker – they will be worthy champions.

The Hopeful 8 Challengers

Player 1, Alexandra Botez, FIDE Master, Canada

Alexandra Botez is an American-Canadian chess player who holds the title Woman FIDE Master. She streams regularly and has 67 thousand followers on Twitch TV making her one of the most followed chess players in the world.

Alexandra has been involved with Choker from the start. Hungarian Women’s Grandmaster, Anna Rudolf, taught her how to play (see the YouTube lesson with Alexandra). Alexandra repayed the compliment by soundly beating Anna in a “Frenemy” match (see it on YouTube!). No quarter will be asked for – or given if Alexandra and Anna meet in the Challengers Choker Cup.

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Alexandra Botez plays Choker

Player 2, One seat is reserved exclusively for a player of the Choker App.

One lucky Choker player has the gaming experience of the lifetime and take part in this tournament. The lucky player will be announced on 21 May 2020.

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This is an exclusive offer for Choker players on the app.

Wild Card in Choker Challengers Cup

Player 3, Simon Williams, Grandmaster, United Kingdom

Simon, also affectionately known as Ginger GM,  may have the perfect combination of skills to play Choker. When younger, he regularly played in London poker clubs and once claimed that he would excel at a mind pentathlon of chess, poker, staying awake, rally driving and whisky downing!

Simon has also produced many DVDs and written many books on chess including “How to crush your opponents at chess” and “How to win at chess – quickly”. Skills he may need to win through and lift the trophy.

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Simon Williams plays Choker

Player 4, Bill Perkins, High Stakes Poker Player, USA

If anyone has the right credentials to win at Choker it’s Bill Perkins. He’s a hedge-fund manager, a film producer, and a critically acclaimed author. If that’s not enough he’s a high stakes poker player with more than $5.5 million of winnings. In terms of chess, he has played chess with Richard Branson on Necker Island and sponsors the Skylar Chess fest. He is the real deal with the complete skill set to lift the trophy.

Bill wrote the book “Die with Zero: Getting all you can from your money and your life”. It seems unlikely he will die with zero. Last year he won $2.6 million at the Triton Millions Poker Game. Seems like Bill is a good bet.

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Bill Perkins plays Choker, the chess and poker game

Player 5, Anna Rudolf, Women’s Grandmaster, Hungary

Women’s Grandmaster, Anna Rudolf of Hungary has represented her country in the chess Olympiad, speaks Russian, Spanish, English and Hungarian and is one of the most widely followed chess players in the world on social media. Anna was one of the first big name chess players to start playing Choker – playing against other top players – and sharing her games on her YouTube Channel. Known as “Miss Strategy” on account of her strategic approach to chess, Anna brings experience, chess expertise and Choker cunning to the table. This may give her the edge to win.

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Hamburg Choker Anna

Player 6, Eric Rosen, International Master, USA

Eric Rosen is an International Chess Master from the USA. He also happens to be one of the first players to try and master the hidden depths of Choker, streaming games to his 32,000 followers on Twitch TV and 80,000 on YouTube. Eric describes his strengths as: “Preparation for a specific opponent, tournament psychology and using technology to accelerate improvement.” Eric will go into the tournament with his game face on – whomever he meets.

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Eric Rosen International Chess master plays Choker

Player 7, Raffael ‘Chess’ Santos, Chess and Choker Player, Brazil

Raffael ‘Chess’ has one of the most followed chess YouTube channels in Brazil, with 78 thousand followers and 8.6 million views. He was also one of the first chess influencers to play and embrace Choker seeing the fun and depth to the game.  Raffael always looks like he is having fun  – but he will take the competition seriously, flying the flag for Brazil.  Thousands of Brazilian fans will be willing him to victory!

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Raffel Santos Chess plays Choker

Player 8, Matt Staples, International Poker Player, Canada

To win this tournament, players will need nerves of steel alongside street-smart cunning and this young gun has it all. Matt Staples, an international poker player from Canada specialises in streaming poker games to his 75 thousand followers on his TwitchTV channel – making him one of the most followed poker steamers on the planet. But it is not just poker. Matt plays Call of Duty and Fortnite and in recent times he’s been honing his chess skills for Choker.  Matt’s ability to master new games could stand him in good stead in this tournament.

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Matt Staples poker player plays Choker

Match Schedule

From 7 May

Round 1

8 players, 4 Knock-out Matches, Best of 5 Clashes

Match dates every Thursday 7 May, 14 May, 21 May, 28 May

From 4 June

Round 2

4 players, 2 Knock-out Matches, Best of 5 Clashes

Match dates on Thursdays 4 June, 11  June

Thursday 18 June

Challengers’ Final

2 players, 1 Knock-out Match, Best of 7 Clashes

Match date 18 June

Thursday 9 July

Challengers Choker Cup Final

TBA v Hikaru Nakamura, 1 Knock-out Match, Best of 7 Clashes

Match date 9 July

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