Choker Gets A Major Update!

New Update

We’re so excited to share some big news with you all. Choker has had its biggest update since its launch.

This brand new experience completely redesigns the beloved game to offer an incredible new experience.

The app has undergone a complete overhaul adding in exciting features and a fresh new design to build on its existing success.

Screenshots of game

What’s new?


  • A brand new look! – We’ve redesigned the UI from the ground up to offer a sleek, sophisticated and modern visual experience.


  • Hijack – In addition to Classic Choker, the original game experience, you can now play Hijack. Hijack is a fast-paced mode where players immediately go all in and can use chips or privilege tickets to buy perks including “The Peek” – This allows you to see your opponent’s cards, “The Drop” – This allows you to discard up to two cards for new ones and “The Swap” – This allows you to swap hands with your opponent. There’s even a cool new freeze timer option!


  • AI Robot Battle – Fight against a lineup of robot foes who are on a mission to defeat you. With each robot you defeat, you’ll reveal a piece of them. Defeat them enough times to reveal the robot and unlock their avatar. Collect all 7 robot avatars to unlock an exclusive robot chess piece set to play with.


  • Custom Themes – You can make Choker feel more personal by applying custom board themes, piece sets and card backs to your games.


  • Store & Vault – The brand new Choker store features all of the cool collectables and exclusive items mentioned above, plus new bundle offers and packages. Once you’ve unlocked an item, you can find it in your “My Vault” section, the home to all of your collectable assets.


  • Improved gameplay – New game mechanics have been added to the app, including a player indicator to show you when it’s your turn and a betting panel to show any promotions and demotions that may be available.


  • General Bug Fixes – General fixes to make the game even better!


We’re really excited to share this next chapter of Choker with you. To jump into the fun, make sure to update your app to the latest version via the app stores below:

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